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Dr. Stefan Rohde-Enslin

print this A New Information Platform for Digitisation - Potential and Perspectives is a project of EUBAM, a special Working Group. EUBAM's focus is matters of European concern to libraries, archives, museums and other organisations charged with cultural heritage and digitisation. kulturerbe-digital is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The main focus of this project is the development of an Internet presence: will serve as a clearinghouse of essential background information on the digitisation of cultural assets. will inform its users about German and European grant programmes and opportunities. It will bundle German and European "best practice" recommendations, enabling one-stop access. will also provide a directory of ongoing and completed cultural digitisation projects. This will help to ensure that lessons learned in the past are taken into consideration at the planning stage of future digitisation efforts. aims to build bridges between:
- the digitisation plans of actors in different branches of cultural heritage;
- small and large projects;
- yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's digitisation projects;
- controversies surrounding digitisation in the public at large;
- the worlds of scholarship, science and policy;
- and, last but not least, German professionals and their counterparts elsewhere in Europe.

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