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Prof. em. Dr. Emanoil Ancuta

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Prof. Dr. Emanoil Ancuta is Scientific Secretary and Deputy Director a.D. of the Centre for Logic at the Romanian Academy. Born 1936 in the Romanian city of Turceni, he studied logic, the philosophy of language, politics and sociology at the universities of Bucarest, Klausenburg, Goettingen and Oxford. The subject of his dissertation was the "logical analysis of scholarly language".
After further specialisations and research stays he was a guest professor and scholar at several German universities, in Vienna, and in Oxford. Professor Ancuta also conducted research at the Romanian Academy of the Science. He also served as a professor of logic, the history of logic and philosophy.
He is a member of the Goerres Society for the Support of Science and Scholarship, the Heidegger Society, the German Association for Political Science, the Society of German Natural Scientists and Physicians, the German Society for Philosophy, the German Association of German Language Experts and the German Forum (Professors' Circle) of the German Society for Philosophy. He directs the Romanian Institute for International Studies and co-ordinates the EU project, "Overcoming the Dictatorships…" (co-operation with the Hannah Arendt Institute for Research on Totalitarianism at the Technical University of Dresden).

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