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Dr. Stefan Rohde-Enslin

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Dr. Stefan Rohde-Enslin is an ethnologist, political scientist and toolmaker. He is an employee of the Institute for Museum Studies, State Museums in Berlin, Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage. For many years Dr. Rohde-Enslin worked in the historical photo archives of the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum of Ethnology, Cologne. More recently he has been part of the German "nestor" project, a national initiative to ensure the long-term preservation of digital resources.
Dr. Rohde-Enslin is currently involved in a project entitled, "Digitisation of Photographic Collections in German Museums". The URL for this project is: Another professional interest of Dr. Rohde-Enslin is the gathering of information pertaining to historical collections of photographs housed in German cultural organisations. The project URL is: The focus of his work actually is the project, which he directs.

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